What is difference between Cylindrical and Toric ski goggles?

2024-04-10 10:08

Let Jiepolly introduce the difference Cylindrical and Toric lenses.


A Cylindrical lens is vertically flat and curved on the sides, giving it a low-profile design. This design has become popular as more of a "throwback" look.


By combining the Cylinrical and Spherical lens options, you get the best of both worlds.

A Toric lens has slightly less curvature on the y-axis but a true spherical curve on the x-axis. The shape of the lens more closely follows the shape of your face so it gives you better optics and you still get an amazing peripheral view.

We at Jiepolly have a ski goggle with these two lenses.

The advantage of one frame adapting to two lenses makes FJ070 stand out.



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