How do roll-offs sports goggles work?

2024-04-14 17:18

Let me show you how the rolling mx goggles work. Roll-offs are installed on the motorcycles goggles by placing a full canister on one side of your motocross goggles while rolling the clear sheet into an empty cartridge placed on the other side of the motorcycles goggles. Then when you need to clear your moto goggles, you pull a pull cord to get a clean film.

In the current market, most of motocross goggles are made tear-offs , while other goggles are made for roll-offs.

How can you tell the difference?

  • Sports Goggles made for roll-offs have two canisters attached directly to the lens of the goggle on the right and left side.

  • Sports Goggles made for tear-offs will have pins attached directly to the lens that the tear-offs will hook onto to stay in place.


For our FJ071, you will get both systems- tear off system and roll off system.

It is easily to remove the roll off system lens and install the tear off lens.

The 2 for 1 goggle system will be more popular in the current market!

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