How to check whether goggles and helmet fit properly?

2024-05-02 14:26

Your goggles don't just need to fit your face -they also have to be compatible with your helmet! Why is that? Because only if your helmet and your goggles work together well, you can rely on them to feel comfortable and protect you.

Goggle Gap

For instance, you might have heard the words “goggle gap”. They refer to the space between your ski goggles and your helmet – which ideally should be minimal to non-existent. That’s because these gaps can result in frostbite and sunburns.

Jiepolly’s goggle makes it particularly easy to get a seamless connection between your goggles and your helmet. The interchangeable brims allow you to swap the brim to suit your helmet design, achieving increased compatibility.

What’s more, The ventilation holes of the snow goggles can allow the goggles to ventilate better, prevent the goggles from fogging, and fit the helmet better.

Plus, the goggle clip at the back keeps the goggle strap in place while skiing. That’s what we call a perfect match!


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