JIEPOLLY 2024 Milan MIDO Eyewear Fair Review!

2024-02-19 16:45

Dear customers,

Hello! My name is Simon. On behalf of Guangzhou Green Qi Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., I would like to extend my most sincere greetings to you. Thank you for visiting our products at the MIDO Eyewear Show in Milan 2024 and leaving your contact information so that we can contact you as soon as possible to establish cooperation.

Guangzhou Lvqi Outdoor Sport Eyewear Co., Ltd. has 10 years of experience in foreign trade export trade. It mainly produces ski goggles, motocross goggles, sports glasses, helmet goggles, sun visors and other sports equipment. As a well-known domestic manufacturer of sports goggles, we pay attention to every detail and try our best to make everything perfect. If you have any needs, please contact me, we will try our best to satisfy you, our factory accepts OEM ODM.

JIEPOLLY's 2024 Milan MIDO glasses exhibition trip has ended. Thank you very much for your visit. We look forward to our next meeting and hope that we will have more cooperation in the future.


About LVQI

Guangzhou Lvqi Outdoor Products Co., Ltd, founded in 2006, provides professional and exquisite outdoor products for the sports industry. Through 10 years of effort and development, we have gradually developed be a professional production team.We always provide the high quality glasses with excellent quality, professional and safe material processing for our different customers base.

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