Jiepolly Ski Helmet With Visors Launched For 2024

2024-02-16 15:21

The advantage of Jiepolly ski helmets Model FJ076

Visor helmet: 3 elements to make your choice

  • Visibility

While goggles can restrict your vision, the built-in visor of a 2-in-1 helmet offers a wide 180° field of view. Enjoy the landscapes around you without the need to take your goggles off. In addition, for those who wear glasses, when goggles can push against them, visor helmet cause no discomfort whatsoever.

  • Safety

In goes hand in hand with the field of view. A panoramic vision enables to better apprehend the obstacles and the terrain. You’ll be able to see other skiers quicker. Finally, some photochromic visors adapt to ambient light by changing shade. If the sun is out, the visor darkens. On the other hand, if the weather gets worse and it gets foggy, the visor lightens to help you find your way.

  • Practicality

Remember your last fall in snow? Your head gets covered by powder and your ski goggles are lost or soaked by snow. Luckily, no harm done and your competition can keep going. The thing is, it’s freezing cold and the last thing you want to do is put your frozen goggles back on your face . By choosing a ski or snowboard helmet with built-in visor, you can say goodbye to this kind of unfortunate situation.


How to choose a ski helmet with integrated visor?

If you’re here, you’re probably looking to purchase a helmet from one of the leading brands in the world of skiing. Among all the technologies used to optimise these helmets, finding the model you need can be a daunting task. However, there’re elements you need to consider to make the right decision.

  • Design

It goes without saying, the question everyone asks when buying a ski helmet is: does it protect well? Keep one thing in mind. When purchasing a helmet from a specialised store, the latter has undergone a battery of tests before hitting the shelves. Today, some hybrid constructions provide a unique weight/performance ratio. Such is the case of IN MOLD technology, which can be found on Jiepolly helmets. The polycarbonate outer shell and EPS foam outer shell optimise comfort and impact absorption.

  • Vision

Like mentioned above, the advantage of visor helmets, is the wider field of view. Make sure the model you pick offers a panoramic vision through a high-quality lens. In addition, some brands offer photochromic visor helmets. It’s the case of Jiepolly with its Multi Layer technology that adapts to the current weather conditions by going from a category 1 to 3 in a pinch. When purchasing, check the lens’ degree of variability, to avoid being disappointed on the slopes.

  • Adjustment system

Some helmets can be adjusted thanks to a dial. For instance, Jiepolly's Click-To-Fit and Jiepolly’s Fit System allow to adjust your helmet in a few seconds, perfectly adapting it to your head circumference. Loosen your helmet on the chair, readjust it before hitting the slopes, all this by the simple turn of a dial.

  • Ventilation

While today, a great majority of ski helmets feature one, make sure the model you’re contemplating has an effective ventilation system. It evacuates the hot and damp air from the helmet during intense sessions, making sure your head stays cool!


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