Jiepolly - Cycling glasses selection guide

2024-06-07 16:46

Do you know how to choose cycling glasses? Today Jiepolly will teach you how to choose high quality cycling sports glasses.

1. Lens material: Choose resin lenses and avoid glass lenses, as resin lenses provide better protection in the event of a crash.

Advantages of PC lenses: 100% UV protection, super impact resistance, high refractive index, light specific gravity (37% lighter than ordinary resin sheets, and 12 times more impact resistance than ordinary resin)

2. Windproof effect: The main function of glasses is windproof, so when choosing, make sure that the lenses can effectively block wind and sand.

3. UV protection: Choose sports eyewear with UV400 protection to protect your eyes from UV damage.

4. Fit: The glasses should fit tightly with the eye sockets and not press on the side of the head to ensure comfort for long-term wear.

5. Stability: The glasses should remain stable during exercise and will not slide or fall off.

6. Nose guard design: A good sports goggles's nose guard should be able to stick or grab the glasses to the nose to prevent them from falling off during exercise

7. Frames and temples: Choose frames or temples that do not press on the side of the head to ensure comfort.

In conclusion:

When buying sports sunglasses, you need to consider the material, windproof effect, UV protection, fit, stability, noseguard design, and comfort of the frame and temples.

At the same time, you should also pay attention to the balance between price and quality. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast or outdoor sports enthusiast, you can consider the professional jiepolly outdoor products mall, you can contact us directly by leaving a message

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