Why need to get the anti-fog lens ski goggles?

2022-10-12 18:11

Jie Polly ski goggles all are double lens, have anti-fog lens.

Choose goggles with double lenses that discourage condensation from forming when the warm air of your breath makes contact with the cold lens. Anti-fog coating inside the goggles helps, while vents along the sides, top and bottom clear the warm air out of the inside of the goggles.

Wider vents tend to do this better than narrow vents or tiny vent holes. But the drawback of wide vents is that your face will get cold in a harsher climate.

4 tips will help you to master your daily goggle care

#1 Come in your goggles a storage bag

Just about every goggle brand will offer some kind of storage bag. Those nice ski goggles that you just bought don’t deserve to be scratched or damaged, and you should always remember to store them properly when you’re not using them and keep them safe and sound.

#2 Dos and don’ts of outer lens cleaning technique

Snow, ice or rain can easily mess up with your vision. To clean the outer lens of your goggles you don’t have to use anything special. The best way is to shake the snow off and let the lens dry off naturally. Only after it is dry should you try to clean the lens by rubbing or wiping with the goggle bag or microfiber cleaning cloth. Never wipe your goggles with glove or rag. Such materials may rub off the reflective lens coating or irreversibly scratch the lens.

#3 Pay special attention to inner lens

Cleaning the inner lens is a different matter. Many manufacturers apply anti-fog coating on the interior lens which can be easily damaged by any wiping. The best way how to keep the layer of anti-fog coating where it belongs is to leave this part of the goggles alone if possible. However, sometimes dust or snow might make it’s way in there and you need to deal with it. Firstly, shake the snow off and let the lens air dry. If there’s moisture in there and you wipe the inner lens, you will wipe off its anti-fog coating, which you definitely don’t want to happen.

#4 Have a spare pair

Having a spare pair of goggles with you on a slope might be a really good idea not only for various weather conditions. In case you fall and get snow inside your ski goggles you can simply grab your backup pair and get back on the slope while you dry out the other one and keep it in good shape.详情页-2_01.jpg

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